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Monthly Unlimited - Auto Renew
Most cost effective if coming 2x's per week or more


A space to come and let go, to be you wholeheartedly,
to come back home.


Built from love, community & heart, we have you in mind during every decision and every move we make.

Come and exhale your day and find reprieve in our space.

OUR class offerings

Our All

A 75 minute practice, half Vinyasa half Yin. The balance of Yin and Yang all in one practice

Refill 45

Refill your cup with this afternoon Vinyasa practice.

Calm, Warm + Soothe

A gentle, Yin style practice in our warmly heated room


Build flexibility, endurance and strength through our Vinyasa practices. A flow style class for all levels.

Sunday Practice

A class designed to help you refresh and rejuvenate our body, mind and soul on a beautiful Sunday morning. It's like wringing out a wet cloth but for your entire body. Think flow, twists, inversions + deep breathing.

Power Vinyasa

Power yoga builds muscle strength, Vinyasa builds flexibility and endurance. Bring those two together and you've got a perfect combo. Don't forget to bring a towe!

Flowin’ Omies

Flow, hip hop music, heat, community. What more could you want?! Every Friday night we hold this fun, light hearted practice with fun beats to close up your week and get you ready for the weekend!

Foundational Flow

A class for everybody. Whether you've been practicing regularly for some time or brand new there will be value in this mindful practice.
This class will focus on the foundations of asana and vinyasa with detailed alignment instruction at a pace that allows you to soak it all in.
A great class for beginners.


Saturday Practice

A 75 minute Hatha yoga class based in the Ghosh lineage for all levels. Practice will include Breathwork, Postures, Salutations and Meditation.

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