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Come join us for your yoga practice in the heart of Downtown Kelowna's Cultural District.


Built from love, community & heart, we strive to welcome all of you just as you are, allowing for time and space to be quiet with yourself and check IN.

Offering daily yoga classes in a heated room with varieties from Vinyasa, to Power Yoga, to breathwork, meditation, yin and more. You are sure to find what you're looking for within our yoga space.

OUR class offerings

Our All

A 75 minute practice, half Vinyasa half Yin. The balance of Yin and Yang all in one practice

Refill 45

Refill your cup with this afternoon Vinyasa practice.

Calm, Warm + Soothe

A gentle, Yin style practice in our warmly heated room


Build flexibility, endurance and strength through our Vinyasa practices. A flow style class for all levels.

Sunday Practice

A Vinyasa inspired practice to connect you to your mind and body.

OUR Strength

This class involves movement control, muscle building and strength. With the use of exercise bands, we will build strength and move slowly and strongly through a set sequence. We run set sequences for 2 months at a time. Please bring a water bottle and towel as well as your yoga mat. We will provide all other required equipment. 

Power Vinyasa

Power yoga builds muscle strength, Vinyasa builds flexibility and endurance. Bring those two together and you've got a perfect combo. Don't forget to bring a towel!

Flowin’ Omies

Flow, hip hop music, heat, community. What more could you want?! Every Friday night we hold this fun, light hearted practice with fun beats to close up your week and get you ready for the weekend!

Acoustic Yin + Nidra

A beautiful, deep, restful practice of Yin yoga + Nidra accompanied with a live deep sound experience.

Ohming, Toning + Sound Meditation

This class will be a full sound experience. Many instruments will be played throughout the sound meditation as well as exploring your own voice through Ohming & Toning exercises. 

We will explore the full spectrum of how sound and vibration can help you heal.  Each will class will conclude with Jacob offering a sound meditation. 

Breathwork & Meditation

In each session, we dive deep into the art of conscious breathing, guiding you to unlock the potential within your breath. You'll learn to harness this life force to release tension, reduce stress, and cultivate a profound sense of inner peace.

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