Practice with us anytime, anywhere in the comfort of your own space!

All of us at OYS have come together to create a wonderful, accessible and fun way to connect you with your community during this closure! Our Online Platform makes it easy for you to access a variety of different class styles and teachers, anywhere, anytime. 


Our teachers will be guiding you every step of the way, practicing with you through a high quality and professionally recorded video. Our classes offer the same styles we offer for our in studio yoga classes plus some different ones just for fun! These classes will be accessible for your viewing through a link which you will receive upon purchase of your choice of membership that will show up on your receipt.

Starting Nov. 30th we will offering a live schedule for you to practice alongside your community, your teachers and feel like you are a part of something bigger and more connected. 


OYS Online Membership options: 

Pre-recorded classes options: 

  1. Onine Drop in  

  2. Monthly Subscription

  3. Current Unlimited Member at OYS 

(email onlineyoga@ouryogaspace.com to request access)

Live streamed classes options:

  1. Monthly Subscription

  2. 10 class card

  3. Drop in 

  4. Current Membership

(founders, VIP, Auto renew continuation for access/sign up - you will see a special button just for you upon sign in) ⁣⁣

FAQ’s for OYS’ Online Platform

How do we access the pre recorded classes?
Once you have your Online Membership set up you will receive a link on your receipt to view your class(es) of choice directing you to our YouTube channel - Our Yoga Space. Reminder that this link is for your use only, please no sharing. Because
we trust you, we are relying on the ‘honour system’ for this launch.

How do I access the Live classes?

Our live streamed classes begin Nov. 30th! Check out our schedule here.

If I choose a Single Class will I get to choose which class I have access to?
Unfortunately at this time no. We are working on a way around this so you have the ability to choose but have not yet found one. The Single Class link updates every few days, generating a new link to a new class. **We recommend not purchasing multiple Single Classes at once, if you do you will receive the same link each time. Please allow a few days in between for it to refresh. 

How many classes are there?
We currently have 24 classes to choose from plus more on the way. For unlimited members you will have access to all classes as they launch, for single drop ins you will gain access to ONE class that is generated through our computer system. This link changes every few days.  

Can I use my current Pass for Online Classes?
If you hold a Founders, VIP or Auto Renew membership, you have unlimited access to our live streamed classes AND pre recorded platform. Upon signing in for live classes you will see a special button to sign in. 
If you don’t have the link for our prerecorded classes please email us and request!

Have more questions? Please contact us!

Have questions? We're here for you. 

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