We are sponsoring another family this Christmas!

As always, we choose a family to sponsor over the holidays and this year we are working with Warm Hearts Kelowna
(Warm Hearts Kelowna Instagram) and sponsoring a family of 6 originally from Syria, who's father is suffering from a significant functional impairment from a war-related injury and cannot currently work.

Dates to keep note of if you want to support:

  • Nov.15th-Nov.30th Give&Get sale where 15% of proceeds go to the family.

  • Dec.8th Cookie Decorating evening with any extra cookie purchases going to the family.

  • Dec. 21st 6:30pm Winter Solstice by donation class with 100% of proceeds going to the family.

XMAS cookies.jpg
Cookie Decorating & Wine night

Thursday December 08, 2022
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Grab your friends and come join us for an evening of creativity and Christmas fun, accompanied by a glass of delicious wine! Taylor Morrice's Mom, Linda, and her cookie business, Icing and Giggles, is bringing you a special Christmas cookies decorating evening to celebrate and be merry. Think paint night but WAY more delicious. Linda Morrice will also be gifting each participant with a small goodie bag of cookies to take home plus gift packs for purchase for someone you admire this Holiday season. All packs of cookies for purchase are heat sealed and individually packed to ensure shelf life to take those cookies all the way til the holidays!  

Evening includes:


  • 2 cookies to decorate

  • All supplies, icing, sprinkles, candies and more to make the most beautiful cookies   

  • 1 8oz glass of delicious, local vino   

  • special goodie bag to take home   

$19+tax per person
Pre Registration required to ensure enough supplies are brought.

Follow @icingandgiggles on instagram for a sneak peak at what you could create!

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Vital Woman Circle

Sunday December 11th, 2022
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Hosted by Aspen Percival, ND

A gathering of women supporting women in their wild, feminine, vital expression of self. In the first Vital Woman Circle we will explore how movement, breath and mindfulness hold the power to optimize our pelvic bowl. We will cover brief anatomy and physiology of the pelvic bowl, yoga for toning, strengthening and relaxing the pelvic muscles, specific breathing and core engagement techniques, guided meditation, and conscious community connection.

Each Vital Woman Circle offers 5 elements of engagement.
1. Connection, listening, sharing, honoring our voice:
Each circle starts with a themed check-in, allowing you to be seen, heard, and connect with your authentic voice in a conscious community. This is always optional, and always sacred. What is discussed in these circles remains private.

2. Meditation & Breathwork:
You will be guided through a meditation centered around returning to your body, connecting with your womb space, pelvic bowl, yoni, primal intuition & innate intelligence. Some days the breathwork will be soft & gentle, other times we will tap into more vital force with stronger breathwork techniques.

3. Pelvic Bowl Resiliency Training (aka Yoga for the Pelvic Bowl):
Just like all the other skeletal muscles in the body, the muscles in the pelvic bowl require training to become strong and resilient. A healthy pelvic bowl is able to adapt and respond to any situation in real time, it is strong when we need strength and stability, and is also able to relax and soften. Pelvic Bowl Yoga combines intentional breath, focused pelvic muscle contraction and relaxation, core stability training, all in a variety of yoga postures and postures that mimic real-life scenarios. This style of yoga is excellent for preparing for pregnancy, while pregnant and postpartum recovery, and ANY stage of a woman’s life. A resilient, vital pelvic bowl will improve your strength, stability, confidence in movement, increase sexual satisfaction, and decrease urinary leakage, uterine prolapse, pelvic pain, and more!

4. Embodiment or Relational Engagement:
-Embodiment is an invitation to become increasingly present in your body. The process of awakening your wild feminine, and moving in ways that feel vital, pleasureful, opening, sensual, playful. Movement in the form of yoga, dance and more to sensitize and enliven your body’s senses.
-Conscious relational engagement is a practice of exploring your personal expression of your wild, vital feminine through partnered movement, dialogue, or exercises. This may be a time for deep reflection with guided journal prompts, or it may be simply in the form of socializing and laughter.

5. Closing Circle:
Each circle ends with a grounding ritual to connect, inspire and support each other in our vital woman journey.