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I want to use my current Unlimited Membership for the online classes, how do I reactive my pass and sign up?

Simply email onlineyoga@ouryogaspace.com to put in your request and viola, you will be granted unlimited access.


I want to purchase one of the ‘Online Classes’ options and keep my current membership on hold. What do I do?  

Your current pass will be kept on hold unless otherwise requested by you. To purchase our Online Classes options please visit https://www.ouryogaspace.com/pricing and choose your option under “Online Yoga Access”


I want to just keep my membership on hold and take some time away and rest, can I do this?

Absolutely. As much as we love your continued support we fully understand the state of our environment and support your decision. Please know your membership is already placed on hold but if you feel a change of heart and want to reactive and participate in online classes please email your request to onlineyoga@ouryogaspace.com

If I choose a Single Class will I get to choose which class I have access to?

Unfortunately at this time no. We are working on a way around this so you have the ability to choose but have not yet found one. The Single Class link updates every few days, generating a new link to a new class. **We recommend not purchasing multiple Single Classes at once, if you do you will receive the same link each time. Please allow a few days in between for it to refresh. 


How do we access the classes?

Once you have your Online Membership set up you will receive a link on your receipt to view your class(es) of choice directing you to our YouTube channel - Our Yoga Space. Reminder that this link is for your use only, please no sharing. Because we trust you, we are relying on the ‘honour system’ for this launch. 


Are all classes live?

All of our online classes are pre-recorded making them available to you whenever you need them from where ever you are in the world. We do however, have 1 LIVE class a week - see next question.


Do you offer live classes?

YES! We offer ONE live class per week at 930am every Saturday for one of our most popular classes - 90 Min Practice. This class requires sign up prior to class start time via Mindbody to reserve your spot. At class start time you will receive a link via email bringing you to the live stream on Youtube - be sure to update your contact info on your profile if necessary! This class is a special one - we've introduced communityLOVE and have given the option to choose a donation amount with proceeds going straight to a local business in Kelowna that is in need of help during COVID-19. Stay updated on Instagram for all updates and announcements! 

How many classes are there?

We currently have 14 classes to choose from and more on the way! For unlimited members you will have access to all classes as they launch, for single drop ins you will gain access to ONE class that is generated through our computer system. This link changes every few days.  


Can I use my current Punch Pass for Online Classes?

Unfortunately no, the only memberships that were able to cross over to the online platform were unlimited ongoing ones. We are extending all expiry dates on punch passes accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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